Product Update Alert: Buy vs Rent

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John Smith
January 1, 2023
5 min read

MBS Highway is excited to announce important enhancements to our Buy vs Rent tool! These changes will help you clearly show potential buyers whether it’s better to buy or to rent, and by exactly how much.

With Buy vs Rent, you can create an interactive shareable report that clearly compares estimated monthly payments for renting or buying, and an estimate of the home’s future value. Clients can drag the slider to see the net financial gain from purchasing a home over time from one year after closing all the way up to nine years.

Buy vs Rent leverages data to show clients how property appreciation, equity building through amortization, and tax benefits outweigh any initial cashflow difference between buying or renting. Plus, you can give clients the full picture with a chart showing the annual interest, principal, and maintenance costs associated with owning a home, compared with how rent costs increase over time.

Using Buy vs Rent, you can help your clients realize the true advantages of owning a home!

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