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Why become a Certified Mortgage Advisor?

Certified Mortgage Advisors have been extensively trained in all aspects of the economy and financial markets.

These experts help consumers understand how to use mortgage debt to build sustainable, lifelong wealth, making them a valued resource to clients and referral partners.

Benefits of Certified Mortgage Advisor

With a thorough study of the economy and its impact on mortgage rates, this program will increase your understanding and ultimately your productivity.

Elevate your mortgage knowledge

  • Learn technical analysis to track mortgage rate movements
  • Interpret economic reports to help clients make informed decisions
  • Understand monetary policy and its impact on the mortgage market
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Better advise your clients and partners

  • Learn personal wealth creation and retirement strategies
  • Discover how the Bond market impacts interest rates
  • Master crucial topics like debt consolidation, refinance breakeven points, rate locks and more

Gain a distinct advantage over your competition

  • Learn how to assess your client's full financial picture
  • Teach clients how to use mortgage debt to build sustainable, lifelong wealth
  • Implement a social media strategy to build your brand
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"Signing up for CMA is the no-brainer of the century."
Dan A.
“I love it, my clients love it, and my pipeline loves it as a result. CMA is the best business decision I have ever made.”
Dennis C.
"CMA is the most important investment I have made for my career to date."
Eric A.
"The CMA course is a game changer. I have navigated the maze that is mortgage for 20 years, and this course has been by far the most informative and thought-provoking."
Josh D.
"I just finished this amazing Certified Mortgage Advisor course. Great information – I will never look at economic reports the same again. Hands down, I would put this up against any four-year economics degree."
Gregg P.
“CMA is the best thing I have done for my career! I continue to go back and refresh my knowledge. I love this platform and would recommend it to anyone in the business.”
Ralph H.

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