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Increase your knowledge and become a trusted advisor

Automated social and marketing content

Build and nurture your referral network

Patent-pending insights

Local market and agent production stats to understand share of wallet

Financial calculators and tools

Advise clients on the benefits of homeownership

Professional certification

Truly understand the ins and outs of the mortgage market

Why high-performers love Highway

“I love all the information at my fingertips to complete social media posts in a minute or less.”
Barbara G.
“I love and am deeply grateful for the FREE content that ListReports provides. It is helping a beginner like me to establish a presence on social media. The content covers all the key points in a well-prepared presentation (for buyers and sellers) and the artwork is perfect.”
Fernando F.
“The resources provided by ListReports have been an incredible addition to our company. We really enjoy the graphics created by the hard-working team at ListReports.”
Tiffany W.
“This is boosting my profile and my business in tangible ways and I will continue to post these well drawn/written shareables!”
Karen F.
“I am just crazy about ListReports! Gives me so many great ideas for social media posts. Keep it coming!”
Patrice M.
“Your email is what I look forward to every morning. I use the information and article provided to create Reels on Instagram with my own spin of course - and one of them received over 25K views and hundreds of shares. Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you for being so consistent with the information provided!”
Valene S.
“I have used ListReports for years and love the professional presentation of their reports and marketing materials. They are my go-to for content and Shareables for social media, as well as quality print presentations for my listings.”
Sharon M.
“ListReports is one of the best tools I have found to easily help create content and value for my agent partners.”
Jason V.
“MBS Highway is one of the best investments a mortgage professional can make.”
Paul N.
MBS Highway
“The Social Studio tool has increased my business by 4-5 new leads a week through sending videos to my agent partners.”
Neil C.
MBS Highway
"The knowledge MBS Highway provides has honestly made me a better loan officer during these crazy times, so I appreciate the content big time."
Mike L.
MBS Highway
“MBS Highway is a game changer!"
Tanner F.
MBS Highway
“I can't say thank you enough for the tools that MBS Highway offers. If you aren't using these tools, you are selling yourself and your clients short of some very useful information.”
Dennis C.
MBS Highway
"I am a homebuyer who benefited from MBS Highway's advice. I locked my interest rate at 3.75% several weeks ago based on MBS Highway's advice. I have saved tens of thousands."
Yvonne S.
MBS Highway
“I love MBS Highway! They have been instrumental in my success as a residential mortgage lender."
Theresa V.
MBS Highway
“I'm a brand new mortgage originator and I need all the help I can get. I'm so glad I joined MBS Highway at the suggestion of my mentor. Thank you for all the information you put out to us! This is going to help me explain so much to my potential clients!”
Trudy H.
MBS Highway
"Signing up for CMA is the no-brainer of the century."
Dan A.
“I love it, my clients love it, and my pipeline loves it as a result. CMA is the best business decision I have ever made.”
Dennis C.
"CMA is the most important investment I have made for my career to date."
Eric A.
"The CMA course is a game changer. I have navigated the maze that is mortgage for 20 years, and this course has been by far the most informative and thought-provoking."
Josh D.
"I just finished this amazing Certified Mortgage Advisor course. Great information – I will never look at economic reports the same again. Hands down, I would put this up against any four-year economics degree."
Gregg P.
“CMA is the best thing I have done for my career! I continue to go back and refresh my knowledge. I love this platform and would recommend it to anyone in the business.”
Ralph H.
“Used the Bid Over Ask Tool to get a buyer to go $10K over asking price on a $225K purchase. This buyer was lowballing everything prior to this report. We now have an accepted offer! Love the tools we have on MBS Highway!”
Jonathan W.
MBS Highway
“I just did a point analysis for a client and it assisted me in winning a $1M refinance from Chase on a SFR in Long Island. GREAT TOOL! True home run.”
Harold S.
MBS Highway
"I love that MBS Highway never has me question the cost of my membership. Value is outstanding."
Kimberly R.
MBS Highway
“Invaluable industry info every day!”
Claire M.
MBS Highway
“MBS Highway puts out the best stuff. So thankful – best money I've spent.”
Chris O.
MBS Highway
“I can't say thank you enough for the tools that MBS Highway offers. If you aren't using these tools you are selling yourself short and your clients short of some very useful information.”
Dennis C.
MBS Highway

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