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97.7% of subscribers surveyed feel smarter than their competition because of MBS Highway

Benefits of MBS Highway

Our market insights and tools help customers gain more leads, close more loans, and establish trusted advisor status.

Demonstrate your industry expertise

  • Daily market updates that help you effectively communicate what's happening and why
  • Market alerts ahead of rate changes that can cause customer frustration
  • Content and social media assets that answer today's most pressing questions

Build trust with your clients

  • Loan comparisons to easily evaluate options
  • Real estate guides that showcase market conditions
  • Financial calculators that demonstrate the value of homeownership

Win more revenue opportunities

  • Cost of Waiting tools to illustrate the impact of delaying a purchase or refinance
  • Debt Consolidation calculators to help clients reduce monthly payments
  • Buy vs Rent worksheets to demonstrate the wealth that can be generated through homeownership

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