Home Report

The fastest way to increase your production

Mine your database before clients get stolen away by automatically delivering the investment data every homeowner cares about, including home value, equity, appreciation, and financial tips straight to their inbox every month.
Most consumers say they'd work with their lender again, but only 19% do. That stat increases to 38% with consistent contact, and to 57% with consistent value-driven contact.

Why Home Report?

Maximize the value of your sphere of influence with regular, high-value content and advice. Be there when they need you and (crucially) when they don't.

Content they’ll want to see every month

With personalized information about their home value, neighborhood sales activity and more, the interactive Home Report landing page features your branding front and center.

Easy client enrollment

We track your transactions so we'll notify you after closing, prompting you to invite your recent buyer to the Home Report. Or add clients manually anytime! Enroll up to 1,000 contacts to the Home Report. Need more? Simply contact your account manager.

Actionable, dynamic client experience

Clear calls to action throughout the Home Report foster easy, relevant and personalized conversation between you and your client, no matter where they are in their homeownership journey.

How it works

Affordable, automated, effective.
Invite a client to the Home Report from your ListReports account
Buyer opts in to receive the Home Report
Buyer receives Home Report email + interactive landing page every month

Ready to increase repeat business with engaging and personalized nurturing?

Enroll clients in Home Report and benefit from prominent branding and CTAs that drive future business right back into your pocket.

Add to your existing ListReports subscription now for only $69 a month.

Questions about Home Report or purchasing a ListReports subscription? Email support@listreports.com - we’re here to help.