Product Update Alert: Cost of Waiting

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John Smith
January 1, 2023
5 min read

MBS Highway is excited to announce an enhancement to one of our most crucial and timely tools: Cost of Waiting!

So many consumers have been delaying a home purchase as they hold out for interest rates or home prices to drop. Our updated Cost of Waiting tool helps our subscribers demonstrate how delaying a purchase for even a year or two could cost buyers thousands in appreciation, amortization, equity and more.

Cost of Waiting increases deal flow for our subscribers because it helps them show clients how delaying their purchase could have more of an impact on their long-term wealth than they realize.

Access our updated Cost of Waiting tool now with the Loan Advisor add-on, or learn more about the full MBS Highway suite which gives you access to Cost of Waiting and other competitive features like Loan Comparison, Social Studio, Presentation Expressway, and more!

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