Breakthrough Lead Conversion Strategies: Redefine Success with Your Agents with Ryan Grant

With 76% of Americans saying it’s a bad time to buy a house, getting clients to engage or move forward can be a challenge in today’s market. What if you had the right scripts and strategies that could help transform clients from “I can” buy a home to “I must” buy a home?  

Watch as Ryan Grant joins MBS Highway to discuss innovative ideas that can help you and your referral partners thrive. Topics include:

• Helping your agents realize that there are four types of leads, and they are only sending you one.
• How to properly advise clients who “aren’t ready yet.”
• How to adopt an infinite number of clients and show them more value than anyone else.

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About Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant has held the number one loan originator spot in Orange County, California for several years running. With his advisor-for-life mentality, he has helped many homeowners maximize their investments and reach new levels of financial success. Ryan is passionate about transforming the mortgage industry by helping families build wealth through real estate.

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