Enhancing Your Communication Skills for Success in Real Estate with Rene Rodriguez

The media continues to spew negativity about the housing market, with headlines about:

- Home price declines
- Housing crash
- Recession

However, the media is not a public service. Being able to counter these media-driven fears with a different narrative is crucial to winning your clients’ trust and building a successful business.

Make sure you tune in to hear Barry Habib, Megan Anderson and René explain how to counter the media’s negative narrative about housing so that YOU become the trusted source of information. Plus, you’ll hear specific scripts that you can use to help consumers see the opportunities that currently exist in the housing market.

Barry, Megan and René will be coaching a loan originator to answer the question, “Should I buy a home today?” You’ll learn how you can easily educate your clients on why housing is a champ they can bet on, proven by history and still being the case today.

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