How to Get to the Top 1%

In this episode of “On the Highway,” we are joined by Joel Comp, Divisional President at Gold Financial Services. With years of experience under his belt, Joel imparts his wisdom. He shares his practical tools for success, which led him to be ranked top 1% originator in the country, making this episode a must-listen.

Understanding the Benefits of Homeownership: Joel emphasizes the long-term advantages of buying over renting. The idea is to highlight the house as an asset that can be used for future retirement, keeping in mind market appreciation and wealth accumulation.

Establishing Strong Relationships: Joel underlines the importance of cultivating lasting relationships with other real estate agents for lead referrals, emphasizing the importance of equipping them with useful tools and information.

Learning from Past Experiences: Joel shares words of wisdom from his journey, such as the importance of not being overly fixated on metrics and goals, and instead finding joy in the work and process.

Developing a Strong Work Ethic: Joel discusses the importance of putting in the work to rise above the competition, reiterating that success comes from continuous effort and discipline.

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