How to Overcome Adversity with Frank McKinney

Listen as Megan Anderson and Frank McKinney share hard-won insights and practical actions for addressing obstacles and setbacks in your business and personal life. You’ll learn the nine steps to push through adversity, so you can handle any hardship in front of you.

About Frank McKinney

Frank McKinney is a true modern-day Renaissance man who has pushed the limits of success in his every endeavor.

As a real estate artist, he has created and sold 44 oceanfront mansions on spec with an average price of $14 million. Frank has also built 30 self-sustaining villages in Haiti over the last 21 years, providing 13,600+ children and their families with homes, schools, clinics, community centers, churches, renewable food, clean water and means to support themselves.

A bestselling author, actor, and keynote speaker, Frank has written eight books in seven genres. His newest book, Adversitology: Overcoming Adversity When You're Hanging on by a Thread, was just released!

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