Maximizing Your Origination Success with Carl White and Chris Johnstone

Are you wondering how to use ChatGPT and Google to increase conversion and grow your business?

Then watch as Carl White and Chris Johnstone join MBS Highway to share crucial insights for using technology, SEO and A.I. to improve your rankings and reviews, so you close more loans in less time and create greater freedom in your life. You’ll learn scripts for getting 5-star reviews on Google, strategies for turning Google and A.I. into your referral partners, and more!

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About Carl White

Carl White is founder and CEO of Mortgage Marketing Animals, a successful mortgage marketing training program. Carl is also a non-producing branch manager at one of the top mortgage branches in America and the host of the number one podcast for loan originators, Loan Officer Freedom.

Mortgage Marketing Animals teaches the strategies that originators in Carl’s own branch use to close more loans in less time, helping them regain the freedom to do more things they love.

About Chris Johnstone

Chris has been helping loan originators successfully leverage technology into closed loans for over a decade. He has helped generate 11,347 (and counting) 5-star reviews for clients and ranked on the front page of Google in over 70% of the top markets in the U.S. Most recently he has launched the A.I. powered LO CRM and is the first in the industry to use A.I. to convert deals from originators’ databases, new referral partners and searches on ChatGPT.

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