Overcoming Today's Market Challenges with Triibe Coaching

Homebuyers waiting for lower rates and rate shoppers are two of the biggest challenges facing originators today. What if there were proven strategies to turn frozen fence sitters into buyers who are ready to take action, helping you build a sustainable and scalable business no matter where rates are headed?

Back by popular demand, watch as Triibe Coaching joins MBS Highway to share techniques that top producers use to address today’s biggest rate concerns. This detailed presentation will show you how to create “bulletproof buyers” so you thrive in any market.

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Triibe Coaching’s Bootcamp Package comes complete with The Perfect Conversion Partner Toolkit, a 90-day implementation plan, eight live coaching webinars, WhatsApp Group access, and access to Barry Habib’s Certified Mortgage Advisor Course and Designation. If you want to unfreeze buyers and become the perfect conversion partner for real estate agents in today’s market, this course is for you! This special discount expires October 25!

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