Your Business Plan for Today’s Market with Tim Braheem

Do you need guidance on how to succeed in the mortgage industry right now?

If so, then listen as Tim Braheem joins MBS Highway to discuss crucial strategies you can use to craft your business plan for today’s market. Learn how to dominate your database and take advantages of opportunities sitting in your pipeline right now, including tips for increasing conversion, growing strategic partner referrals, and so much more!

About Tim Braheem

Tim Braheem is the Head Coach at Performance Experts Coaching and Host of The 360 Experience Podcast. He is one of the top educators and a major influencer in the mortgage industry, coaching many of the nation's best, brightest and most successful in the business.

In 2001, Tim co-founded LoanToolbox, an online educational website for the mortgage industry. As CEO and Head of Faculty, Tim quickly became one of the top educators in the mortgage industry and by 2006, LoanToolbox had over 11,000 paying members who looked to Tim as their coach. LoanToolbox became the standard for education within the mortgage space.

In 2004, Mortgage Originator Magazine inducted Tim along with only seven other originators into its Hall of Fame, recognizing his career achievements.

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