July 26, 2023

Winning in Today's Market with Triibe Coaching

“What’s your rate?”

This question is a huge pain point for many originators, especially today. Learning how to answer it effectively is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase conversion with prospective homebuyers in the current market.

Watch as MBS Highway and Triibe Coaching share detailed scripts and strategies that top producers use to dissect the rate question and successfully pivot from price to advice. Through detailed role playing, you’ll learn timely tactics that can help you unfreeze buyers and build a sustainable and scalable business, so you thrive in any market.

Plus, you’ll discover the number one tool to help you gain new partners and market share today.

Click here to receive an exclusive 20% discount on Triibe Coaching’s Bootcamp Package, complete with The Perfect Conversion Partner Toolkit, a 90-day implementation plan, seven live coaching webinars, and access to Barry Habib’s Certified Mortgage Advisor Course and Designation. If you want to unfreeze buyers and become a conversion engine for real estate agents in today’s market, this course is for you!

About Triibe Coaching

Triibe Coaching was founded on the belief that seeking and implementing wise counsel from mentors and peers is the fastest route to success in both business and life. Triibe members have come together to share and harness the power of their relationships to build systems, processes, and teams that provide business leverage and tremendous personal freedom.

Take a free 14-day trial of MBS Highway and learn more about how our daily coaching videos, lock alerts, financial calculators, loan comparisons and more can help you better serve your clients and grow your business now and for years to come.

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